Open311 Server

This is a Sinatra based Open311 server being developed as part of Code for Europe project for Aberdeen City Council.

This project is very much in a state of early development so do not expect everything to function or be implemented yet.

The source code for this project can be found on GitHub

The server is built to meet the Open311 GeoReport v2 specification and Open311 Inquiry v1 specification.

There is a map view that shows the location of the facilities.

Inquiry v1

The Inquiry v1 specificiation was developed by NYC for their needs. In order to make the facility information more relevant for the UK some additional fields have been added as follows:


There is some test data in place. Some of it is hardcoded for now and some of it is in a database.

Get Sub Categories List

To get a list of the facilities use: http://<content_api_root>/sub_categories/<category/>.xml

Get Facilities List

To get a list of the facilities use: http://<content_api_root>/facilities/<category/>.format



Get Facility Details

To get the facility detailed information use: http://<content_api_root>/facilities/<facility_id>.format;